Leadership 4 Justice Course

Leadership 4 Justice is an online learning course for education professionals looking to make their school/district a more equitable and socially just environment for EVERY student in their care.

Over 8 modules together, we'll walk you through our 3 Phase R.D.R. Process to understand what problems, solutions, and benefits of updating your whole system to get actionable, trackable, visible results that evolve with your district and student outcomes!

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9 Modules

Session One: From "Recalcitrant" to Resilient Educators: Building Resilient Relationships

In this session, you'll explore:

Communication Quadrant Analysis: Controllers vs. Promoters vs. Analysts vs. Supporters 

Coaching 4 Equity #4Real Coaching Action Plan: Create your year-long plan of action Equity Audit 

Session Two: Race and Implicit Bias in the Classroom

In this session, you'll explore:

Race, Microaggressions and Implicit Bias Reflect on implicit bias that affects student outcomes in the school/district. 

Student Group Stereotypes Activity 

Microaggressions Sorting and Counting Game

Session Three: Measuring Your Impact #4Real

In this session, you'll explore:

High Needs Populations; Shine a light on strategies for homeless students, foster youth, and English learners and students with special needs. 

Survey and Interview Questions to measure the impact of our work.

Session Four: Instructional Learning 4 All Planning for Equitable Instruction

In this session, you'll explore:

4-a; Planning for Equitable Instruction

Session Five: Inclusive Equity Through Family and Community Engagement: A Systemic Approach

In this session, you'll explore:

Creating Essential Conditions for Families 

Defining opportunities to build trust through relational processes

Session Six: Dismantling Racist and inequitable Education Systems

In this session, you'll explore how to:

Recognize the Inequity of a System 

Look at signs and clues at how the inequity of a system can contribute to student inequities in curriculum and instruction.

Session Seven: Am I a Racist or an Anti-Racist?

In this session, you'll explore how to:

Create an Anti-Racist Space 

Analyze professional learning and foster abolitionist teaching spaces

Bonus Teaching: Designing Equitable 3D5E Distance Learning during Covid-19 Closures

In this bonus session, you'll learn about:

Designing Equitable 3D5E Distance Learning during Covid-19 Closures 

Modules for this program 9
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